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Make Xamarin Studio look like Visual Studio

Congratulations to me! I am celebrating my first week of mobile development without the use of Visual Studio. Xamarin Studio has been my environment for the last week and so far I am enjoying it. I am discovering new stuff daily and in the meantime I am trying to convince my team mates to make the switch as well.Ā One thing that made the switch easier, was making Xamarin Studio look like Visual Studio šŸ™‚ I’ll show you how!

First, the font. I got used to the niceĀ Consolas font in Visual Studio. So my first thing to change was the font into Consolas. But hey, wait… my OSX had no standard font with the name Consolas. So I hadĀ to google for it and found a free download of the font at Font Palace. After downloading and installing the font on my Mac, I made it my Text Editor font (Xamarin Studio > Preferences > Environment > Fonts):

Another thing I noticed: the color schema was different.Ā In Xamarin Studio, you can change the Syntax Highlighting options via Xamarin Studio > Preferences > Text Editor > Syntax Highlighting. Change it to Visual Studio:

Of course you could select another color schema as well or even create your own!

Next thing to change are some Source Code settings (Xamarin Studio > Preferences > Source Code).Ā In the .NET Naming Policies setting change the namespace naming to follow the folder structure in a hierarchical way. Like this:

And for the C# code formattingĀ (Xamarin Studio > Preferences > Source Code > Code Formatting > C# source code) you can choose the predefined Visual Studio policy:

I must admit that I changed the Convert tabs to spaces setting.Ā I switch it off to use real tabs – ask your team members to do the same to have the same indents.

Some other things to switch on are:

  • Source Analysis

  • Enable Code Folding

  • Format Document On Save (Ctrl+K+D in Visual Studio)

Of course there are some more interesting settings to change like naming conventions, but all of that is more personal.

Happy Xamarin Studio coding!