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Xamarin Studio Tip: Load multiple solutions

Since a couple of days, my standard development IDE for mobile (Xamarin) development is Xamarin Studio. As a Visual Studio addict it has been strange developing in another environment, but I still see the benefits of my decision: my iOS builds are blazing fast compared to the the Visual Studio environment running inside Parallels. But now and then I also discover some additional benefits of using Xamarin Studio. Along the way I want to share these for other Visual Studio addicts that are considering the move towards Xamarin Studio.

Today, my first tip: you can load multiple solutions inside Xamarin Studio! No more loading two instances of Visual Studio (or Xamarin Studio). How does this work? I’ll show you:

  • Open Xamarin Studio with a solution.
  • Then choose File – Open

  • Notice the Options button in the left bottom corner. When selection this button you get the following:

  • By default the Close current workspace checkbox is checked. This is the standard behaviour and by leaving it that way, the new solution will be loaded, but the current will be closed. So uncheck this option and choose the solution you want to side load.

  • The result is that you now have two solutions in your workspace!

In the cases you want to have two solutions loaded in two different instances of Xamarin Studio, you need to install this great tool by Redth: Xamarin Studio Launcher. You can find all the details here:

Happy coding with Xamarin Studio!